I have a feeling that this blog is for you.

I have a feeling that you found your way here because, like me, you are someone who is always looking. You look for beauty in the world, for inspiration, for courage.

If you are like me, you are a hedonistic romantic who lingers in the world of words and finds yourself writing, reading and ardently loving your way through life.

Welcome. I knew you’d find this place.

Thewritelife has been the life that I’ve lived even before I was able to write.


See that little girl in the photo? The one on the left? Before she knew how to shape letters into words she wanted to be a writer. Knowing the world of words was one that held glorious realms of magic and splendour, she wanted to visit that place.

She scribbled heartbeat lines of ink on a page and pleadingly asked her mother:

“Is that writing? Can I write?”

Since that time the little girl, the one on the left, launched herself into a life of adventure and joy. She immersed herself in literature as an English teacher, scribbled in travel journals all over the world, blogged, wrote novels and at some indistinguishable point in time she became the woman on the right.

She became a writer.

Thewritelife will be a glorious space for you to explore and belong to. You’ll receive regular posts about writing, travel, love and life. Expect also to be treated to a Memoir post on Mondays and endless opportunities to participate in our little community through feedback and conversation.

By joining my Facebook page of the same name (below) you can also belong to a community of global writers, readers and literature lovers. With daily links to quirky and fascinating articles, authors and words of wisdom, our Facebook community is building every day.
So sign up and live Thewritelife.

I have a feeling you’ll love it here.

8 Comments on “Home

  1. Hi there! You have quite the experience with writing and I am very interested to read more. Glad I found you through the blogging challenge group. Looking forward to catching up!

  2. I’m fascinated by your writing. You had me from the first word down to the last one…and I want more. Nice blog!

  3. this was a beautiful blog post ,, and i love and adore Positano and Hotel Murat!!! We stayed there last year with our dog and wish and hope i could come every year ,, its a magical place,, Your photos were lovely also !! ,,

  4. Lovely piece about the Murrat where I stayed for my honeymoon 4 years ago. I think you captured the serenity of this oasis of calm

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