Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why travel writing is impossible when you travel

I was lounged on the olive-grove-scented garden terrace taking in the vista that was the ancient orange warmth of Florence. A full twenty four hours had passed in the most glorious, succulent, straight-from-the-divine country on Earth. A deeply pulsing happiness something like sensuality coursed through my blood. I had ventured out into the sexy sunlight […]

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Announcing New ‘Inspired Writers Retreat’ in Bali!

Inspired Writers Retreats in symbiotic partnership with is proud  to announce its Bali retreat dates! A program designed for those in the embryonic stage of writing; craving ideas, inspiration and expert tools to ignite, design and write their first novel.                                 […]

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Fear, you’re not welcome here any more

Dear Fear, It has been a rather painful co-dependant relationship we’ve had the two of us. Gripping each other in cold dark cinemas, embracing each other before any sort of launch off cliffs, through rapids, accross ravines. We’ve spent evenings with our dear friend Red Wine, and debated the pros and cons of bad relationships, of moving out, of […]

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