Why an Inspired Writers Retreat is for you

The biggest hurdle for any writer, no matter what stage in their writing, is confidence. I know how debilitating that fear is more than most.

Inspired Writers Retreats are designed to nurture and incubate your ideas no matter how fragile that confidence may be. Actually, the retreat is so much more than just writing, it is transformative. Your metamorphism into a writer who not only has a plan of action but a strong self-belief is one of the most valuable take home rewards of spending a week with us.

You don’t need to have ever written a single creative word in your entire life to join us. As a matter of fact, if you have never written past the initial idea for a novel then you will find this retreat incredibly rewarding. You may have written the first chapter and stumbled, not entirely knowing how to design and structure your novel beyond that point. This retreat is for you!

An Inspired Writers Retreat is for the person who is in the infancy of writing or indeed even the foetal stage. You do not need to bring drafts or plans or chapters. You only need to bring your own beautiful and delicate desire to write.

That is all.

By the end of the eight days you will have been gifted with the tools to mine your imagination for ideas, structure them into a well-designed map for a novel, profile your main characters and develop the craft of writing truly beautiful prose. You will leave with the birth plan for your novel, without the labour pains!

Apart from the morning sessions, which are held at the villa, we will venture into exotic local markets to observe and develop character, journey deep into the jungle to nurture and hone our skills of description and immerse ourselves in the exotic Eden that is Bali. Included is a day trip to a Balinese Medicine man and a traditional Balinese cleansing ceremony in a jungle waterfall. Two unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.


The retreat is also completely devoid of judgement or critique. All readings are voluntary. If you wish to keep your writing as a personal treasure, then you will be met with nothing but support. If you do choose to read your writing, your voice will be entirely celebrated with a circle of love. An Inspired Writers Retreat is one of solidarity and joy.

Every day begins with a short session of Mental Stillness to rid our ‘monkey’ minds of their mania. The morning sessions are then driven by my slightly absurd sense of humour and underpinned with expert guidance. Your skills will build incrementally so that by the end of the week you will leave with a concrete plan that will imbibe you with the confidence we all covet.

epl 3

An Inspired Writers Retreat is one of complete indulgence. The retreat is hosted by the incandescent Nicole Long at her ‘Eat Pray Live’ Villa. You do not have to lift a finger. From your airport pick-up to restaurant reservations, transport to all locations on the island, a concierge service, pampering packages and shared dinners, you only need to imagine it and it will manifest.

If you’d like a break from writing and would like an afternoon shopping, being pampered in a world class spa or drinking cocktails in a beach club then we will organise it. You’re an adult and this is your holiday and hard earned money. An Inspired Writers Retreat is not one of deprivation in dark rooms, its a wonderful celebration of not only writing but of Bali itself.

With all of these pleasures attended to, all you need to do is write. And when you have finished writing there will always be a companion to share a glass of wine with and chew the fat. Even though there is the space for solitude there is also the room for solidarity. The synergy of these needs is what makes an Inspired Writers Retreat a truly unique experience.

The retreat is held in two locations. The first 4 nights are in a beautiful villa near Seminyak where Eat Pray Live is located. Go to http://www.eatpraylive.com.au for the full gallery. From there we drive into the jungle near Ubud and stay at the divine Kampung Villas. Go to http://www.kampungubudvillas.com for more details. If you wish to stay for extra nights before or after the retreat, we will gladly organise that for you.





Retreats will run several times throughout the year, so follow this blog and the Facebook page of the same name and receive the dates and locations as they’re released. Also, make sure to visit http://www.eatpraylive.com.au to journey through Nicole’s personal story and images of the villa.

If you are a woman who feels a deep desire to write, a tugging at the elbows of your soul, then you should join us at an Inspired Writers Retreat. It’s time to listen to that voice and to indulge in the sweet delight of writing.

Join us at an Inspired Writers Retreat and begin the ‘Voyage to find your Voice’.

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