Monthly Archives: April 2014

Romancing Yourself: How to Travel Solo

I have travelled on my own a lot. A. Lot. It can simultaneously be both the most fulfilling and crushing experience you’ll ever have. It all depends on how you respond to this question: “A table for one Miss?” This question repeats itself in many different variations and starts from the minute you check in […]

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Where were you when? The cheese course question at every good dinner party.

If you’ve been to a dinner party lately (I haven’t, please invite me!) it’s inevitable that at some point the conversation will steer towards this question. It happens towards the end of the evening when there’s a heady red-wine lull. Heads are lolling and tummy’s are full. Someone brings out the cheese platter and tries […]

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Get Happy: How to find joy by taking your own advice

How often do you encourage others to believe in themselves? Think about it. In your day to day, how many times would you encourage, advise and cajole another to take a chance on their own abilities and go for that promotion, sky-dive jump or interior design course? I do it quite a bit. Just little […]

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