Monthly Archives: October 2014

The day I kissed a dead man

Somewhere in the depths of a Parisian cemetery there is a tombstone with my lipstick on it.

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Three reasons every teacher should become a student

Teachers spend a lot of time telling other people what to do. They organise, instruct, facilitate, demand, cajole and convince. There is a lot of… Students stand up. Sit down. Open your books. Look this way. Listen. Follow me. Do your homework. I said sit down. Yes, there is a lot of that. And most […]

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When Opening the Door Opens Your Heart

I learnt a lot of things the year I lived with a stripper. Did I learn to how to totter in perspex heels? No. Did I learn to dance around a silver pole? No. Did I learn to inhabit stage personas? No. But I learnt about what life was like for someone who did.

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