Brooke Hardwick is an adventurous Australian novelist based in Hong Kong.

A wordsmith with the travel bug, she is published in Wanderlust Journal, Elephant Journal, the upcoming 2019 Hong Kong Women in Publishing Anthology and in this here blog.

Holding a B.Ed. majoring in English Literature, Brooke has taught on three continents and travelled all but one.

She has studied under writing experts in Hong Kong Press Clubs, Brisbane libraries, Anglo-Parisian bookstores, Greek villas and on the sprawling English estates of dead poets.

Brooke is currently querying her first novel, Down to the Skin; a work of literary fiction that’s part magical realism — part thriller.

~ An anguished writer follows clues to a lost novel that may in fact, be following her. ~

Brooke is a reader. Brooke is a writer. Brooke is a dreamer.

Plundering life. Writing about it.






Portraits of Brooke attributed to renowned London-based photographer Megan (Birdy) Peacock.

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