What Brings Belief

by Brooke Hardwick

If you type ‘Do writers have spirit animals?’ into Google the first two words will lead one into predictable territory.

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What Dreams May Come: Unleashing Creativity

by Brooke Hardwick

There are some cities that have only ever come to me in dreams. I am not talking about Paris or Prague. The cities that come to me are not real. They only exist in the garnet depths of night when I sleep.

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A Room With A View: Dining As Italians Do

There’s a place in Tuscany, high in the verdant hills over Florence that understands the art of dining.

You see, there is a striking difference between the art of eating and the art of dining.

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Ten Nights at the Hotel Murat

In the 17th century a steady stream of English gentry would don heavy linens, fill their wallets with Daddy’s money and make an educational rite of passage through Europe.

The Hotel Palazzo Murat, nestled in the green culdera of Positano’s bosom is the sort of place they would end up, and so it seems, have I. Read More

I have one thing left

I have one thing left; a fridge.

It is the last remaining testament to a life of ‘owning’ things. Little does the fridge know however, as it unassumingly chills my wine and cheese, that it too will go.

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